*** Mobile & Built-in-place Custom-Built Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens For Sale ***

W.P.O.P. can custom build a wood-fired pizza oven in your backyard/restaurant or you can buy one of our mobile trailer-mounted wood-fired pizza ovens.

We build small backyard brick ovens, large indoor or outdoor Greek & Italian-style commercial restaurant ovens and combination pizza oven/BBQ/fireplaces; we can even convert your old BBQ into a wood-burning oven.

Most domestic wood-fired ovens advertised for sale fit one or two pizzas or roasts, but you can buy our basic oven which fits four large pizzas at a time for about the same price; or one of our larger woodfired pizza ovens which fits eight medium-sized pizzas or roasts for only a little extra.

Have one of our wood-fired pizza ovens built in your backyard and you can throw a pizza party for friends the next day, bake your own bread for breakfast and cook tender roasts at Christmas.

We also have mobile, trailer-mounted wood-fired pizza ovens for sale, which can be built to order too. We can provide the trailer or you can lower your costs and supply your own trailer on which we can mount one our ovens.

Our quality wood-fired ovens are built with new, safe, refractory material to your specifications anywhere in Australia. We can build brick, cast or our unique superior brick & cast combination ovens. All ovens are well insulated and designed for maximum heat circulation and retention. Our bricklayers are fully qualified, insured and licensed and have over 20 years experience.

Our prices start at just $3990! This is great value for an attractive and durable pizza oven (basic, custom-built wood-fired pizza oven, including a flue, door and temperature gauge; base extra).

Quotes may be provided free of charge depending on your location.
Call Matt directly on 0403 915 957 to discuss your requirements or request a quote.

Wood-Fired Pizza Oven
Rustic Wood-Fired Pizza Oven
Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza Oven
Mobile, Trailer-Mounted Wood-Fired Pizza Oven